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‘There Was No Playground in Sight…’

Photo: Getty Images

It was when the Mister Softee truck in Westbury, Long Island, stopped on a desolate corner of Newton Street, with no children around, that people began to wonder whether something was up. According to the Daily News, there was no playground in sight that Saturday afternoon — instead, Kenneth Leiton was stopping at his neighborhood drug dealer’s house. An undercover cop spotted Leiton making the exchange, and then busted him with several bags of cocaine and marijuana.

Somehow we’re not that surprised that the Mister Softee dudes might be stoners, but cokeheads? We certainly haven’t ever bought a cone from a driver who was particularly chatty. Or, you know, had any sense of urgency, like, at all.

Mister Softee driver busted for stopping ice cream truck to buy drugs [NYDN]

‘There Was No Playground in Sight…’