Why Are Bloomberg’s Ads Annoying?


A new Quinnipiac poll finds mixed news for Mayor Bloomberg. On the positive side, he’s increased his lead over Bill Thompson to fifteen points, and his television campaign ads have been seen by more than three out of four city-dwellers. On the flip side, though, is that while his advertising may be ubiquitous, it’s also kind of irritating voters, which would seem to be counterproductive. Of those polled, 47 percent called the ads “annoying,” as opposed to the 41 percent who think they’re “informative.” This is kind of odd, we thought. We’ve seen Bloomberg’s ads many times, and they seem pretty inoffensive, if also not entirely enthralling. Is it simply the volume of ads that’s annoying, or is it the content? Here’s a typical Bloomberg ad. We ask you, readers: What do you find annoying about it?