Would-be Fugitive Marcus Schrenker Thoroughly Humiliated at Sentencing


Back in January, Marcus Schrenker, an Indiana financier who was under investigation for fraud, so thoroughly screwed up his attempt to fake his own death by jumping out of an airplane, in so many ways, that we felt embarrassed for him. Yesterday he was sentenced to four years in prison, and the scene in court was mortifying.

From the sound of it, even the AP was cringing.

First, Schrenker's family ...

watched stoically through the hearing as he cried loudly.

Then, the U.S. attorney ...

showed a videotaped deposition in a 2008 lawsuit in which Schrenker told attorneys he was seriously ill with multiple sclerosis, something that was never revealed in any of his flight or prison records. He lied separately to his stepmother and father in recent jail phone calls. He also told a girlfriend he was entering a witness protection program and wouldn't be returning to Indiana. He later sent her a cryptic text message asking her to meet him at a place they had vacationed in the Florida Keys.

Then, the judge ...

rejected Schrenker's request for a shorter sentence, saying he agreed with a prison psychiatrist who diagnosed him as a narcissist who lacked empathy and desired attention from women.

Well, cheer up, Marcus. At least no one's written a book about your penis. (Yet.)

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