Finance Meets Yoga


Annual Wall Street meat market Fashion Meets Finance is so 2007. The suits, the vodka, the hair product. It's all so artificial and garish. Post-recession, women are looking for something more. They're looking for a spiritual connection, in addition to someone who is stinking rich. We're making this up. The point is, we've figured out the new place to pick up a hot finance guy, and it is yoga class. Specifically, the classes at I.AM.YOU, a studio in Little Italy started by former Morgan Stanley fixed-income analyst Lauren Imparato. We know: Ordinarily, yoga "is not a macho enough workout for most guys," as Martin Ruiz, the 33-year-old president of Carter Bain Wealth Management and a frequent customer, told Bloomberg. But, he says, Imparato, owing to her eight years on Wall Street, teaches the kind of masculine, un-gay yoga a finance guy can get behind. Which is why he and others are flocking to her:

Imparato’s two weekly classes have attracted traders and analysts from Merrill Lynch & Co., Barclays Capital Inc., Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.


Don't get too excited, though, would-be handbag designers. This place may have already been discovered. In addition to the "hedge-fund managers, traders, and venture capitalists," Imparato says that there have been "jewelry designers and actors" in her classes. But who doesn't like a little competition?

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