Actually, Bill Clinton Kind of Downplayed the Right-wing Conspiracy This Morning


Isn’t it always a riot when an interviewer asks a subject a leading question about a controversial topic and the subject gives an answer, but then carefully qualifies it, and then it’s reported all over the world as if s/he came up with it all on their own and blurted it out apropos of nothing? That happened this morning on Meet the Press when David Gregory asked Bill Clinton if there was still “a vast Right-Wing conspiracy” and Bill said “Oh you bet,” but then went on to explain that while there are still many Republicans who want Barack Obama to fail as a president, in many ways they are far less powerful than they were when that term was coined. To read the headlines, you’d think Clinton was running around yelling about conspiracies (like, well, Hillary did that one time), but watch the video, and it becomes obvious that the question was designed to make easy, sensational headlines. We thought the most fascinating part of the video is actually the moment where Clinton refers casually to the people (nutjobs) who used to accuse him of murder, since we happen to be related to a few of them, and haven’t seen Clinton mention that particular conspiracy recently.