AIG CEO ‘Regrets’ Threatening to Purple-Nurple Andrew Cuomo


After new AIG CEO Robert Benmosche’s comments to staff about how he wanted to get New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in a room, “close the door,” and subject him to unspeakable horrors appeared on Bloomberg yesterday, the company released a statement saying Benmosche “regrets his comments regarding Mr. Cuomo and the tone of those comments.” Which is, obviously, a total lie. Our money says the only thing Benmosche regrets is not firing whatever pissant in his office decided to leak his remarks to the paper, and you can bet as soon as he finds out who it was, they’re going to have a little talk, mano a mano, and trust us, whatever happens behind those closed doors, little man is not going to want to tell a soul about it.

AIG Chief Benmosche Says Cuomo ‘Unbelievably Wrong’ on Bonuses [Bloomberg]
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