On Top of Everything, Annie Leibovitz Now Being Sued by Some Italian Guy


Ugh. You know when you’re finally on the verge of paying off a fairly huge credit-card bill and getting those jerks at Citigroup off your back forever, and then, of course, your stupid MacBook dies, and the guy at Tekserv is like, “You spilled something on it,” and you’re like, “No I didn’t!” And then he points to a stain on your keyboard and says, “That’s coffee. I’m going to have to charge you a $250 spill fee before I even look at it, and if the problem is spill-related, it won’t be covered by Apple Care.” And you are like, “Great. Just GREAT.” Annie Leibovitz being sued by a random Italian photographer for using his images in a LaVazza campaign right before she has to pay off a $24 million loan or risk losing rights to her work forever is kind of like that, only on a larger scale.

Leibovitz Faces Suit and Loan Deadline [NYT]
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