Annie Leibovitz Strikes Deal With Dastardly Lenders


After at least two days of haggling, photographer Annie Leibovitz has struck a deal with Art Capital, the lender that was threatening to assume control of her photographs and real estate unless she repaid her $24 million loan by September 9. The terms of the deal were not made public, but we’d wager a guess that they included Leibovitz publicly praising the lender — which has come across as somewhat unsavory in media coverage of the affair — because the two just issued a joint statement in which she said the following: “In these challenging times, I am appreciative to Art Capital for all they have done to resolve this matter and for their cooperation and continued support. I also want to thank my family, friends, and colleagues for being there for me and look forward to concentrating on my work.” If only we could work out a deal like that with our credit-card company. [Bloomberg]