Anthony Marshall Will Not Be Calling Any Witnesses in Astor Trial


After seventeen entire weeks of testimony from the prosecution in the trial of Anthony Marshall, the defendant has decided not to call any witnesses of his own. Marshall, who has been accused of taking advantage of his mother, Brooke Astor’s, fragile mental state to coerce her into changing her will to better reward himself, won’t even be calling on an Alzheimer’s expert to counter testimony from witnesses who say that she was extremely forgetful and often confused. His lawyer, John Cuti, thinks he scored enough points during cross-examination already.

We just took a brief walk down memory lane and read our post about the horrors of the Astor trial, which include arm-twisting, death-predicting, ass-grabbing, back-stabbing, name-calling, signature-forging, brain-bruising, and, of course, dachshund-pooping. And it occurred to us that even if we were Anthony Marshall, who at 86 stands to go to jail over all this, we might just want it to be over with, too.

Gamble by Astor son [NYP]