Beautiful Life Co-Stars Sara Paxton and Nico Tortorella Talk About Their Less-Than-Beautiful Domestic Life


Sara Paxton and Nico Tortorella, co-stars on the new CW show The Beautiful Life, are a couple. But so far, they’ve vaguely tried to avoid the question of whether they’re dating. Last night at the Calvin Klein after-party at the Standard Hotel, though, we asked them about their dogs, and they did a particularly bad job of hiding the fact that they go to bed and wake up next to one another. Nico, who owns an adopted puppy named Mama, said that the pair are always having accidents “all over the house.” Sara, whose new baby Chihuahua, Frank Sinatra, goes by the nickname “Balls,” conceded that the dogs “shit everywhere.” “I was going to bed last night and I stepped in a giant pile of shit,” Nico said.

In my dog’s shit, yes,” Sara said. “But I’ve stepped in Mama’s shit before, so it’s all good, it’s all in the family. Shit happens!”