Blog Post From Former Prostie Reignites Age-old Debate: Are All Women Whores?


Instead of just having the old, “Is dating a guy because he’s rich really the same as being a prostitute?” conversation drunkenly, in the privacy of their dorm rooms, the Post, inspired by Ashley Dupré’s blog post about how women “all over New York City” are engaging in various levels of hookerdom whether they admit it or not, actually took it to the streets and straight-up asked women if they have or would ever exchange sex for money. It’s unclear whether either of the reporters were actually kneed in the balls in the process, but most women, naturally, were indignant. Then there was Autumn.

Autumn, 29, a Manhattan woman who also asked to remain anonymous, said Dupré exposed one of the city’s ugly truths. “It’s reality in New York. It’s true. I’d like to say it’s not, but it is,” she said. “There is many a story: When you move to the city, you meet rich, 40-year-old guys who buy you drinks and offer to put you up in a hotel room.”

Wait. We were going to say something about how ridiculous and offensive this is, but we got distracted by that. Really? That’s Autumn’s reality? We thought the reality was: You move to the city, you meet a guy who pays for his beer in change, and you go back to your tiny apartment where your roommate’s boyfriend is passed out on your couch in his boxers. Damn. Life must just be different when you are named after a season or a precious stone.