Bloomberg Makes an Effort With Matt Damon Endorsement


At first we didn’t really get what was going on in this video of Mayor Bloomberg and Matt Damon, in which Hizzoner invites the Informant! star (at whose wedding he was the only guest) down to a lonely section of what appears to be the South Street Seaport. But then as it evolves, we sort of appreciate the effort. And once again we’re reminded that the mayor at least does have a sense of comic timing. (Which we hope he used in his cameo in Damon’s latest movie.) The good news here, though, isn’t really that Bloomberg scored another (probably meaningless) celebrity endorsement. It’s what Elizabeth Benjamin over at the News reported in her original posting of this video: that Boston-native Damon, who spends much of his time in Miami, has moved back to the city!

Matt Damon Returns The Favor [NYDN]