Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Secretly Got Married


The last time we saw Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy together, we were out at a perfectly normal, delicious-but-low-key East Village restaurant. They were pretty subtle and did a good job of ignoring everyone’s gasps as they walked by, but we put them to an additional test: the Birthday Song test. See, we were celebrating Intel Jessica’s birthday, and Jessica’s husband had arranged for a cake with a candle, as per American custom. So we were able to engage in that exclusively New York, small-restaurant experiment where you get everyone to sing “Happy Birthday,” and then you watch to see if the celebrities join in. In our experience (Seth Myers, Bill Murray), they generally do, because they know everyone’s watching. Hugh and Claire? Not so much.

So, anyway, those two — who have been engaged since the beginning of the year — got secretly married earlier this month, in France, among only close friends and family. We’re happy for them, because they seem nice enough, they’re New Yorkers, and because there will always be a special place in our hearts for My So-Called Life and Ella Enchanted. But don’t expect us to join in the chicken dance, okay?

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy get married! [Life & Style]