College Co-eds Already Hitting on Professor Eliot Spitzer


Adult New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters was forced to go back to school yesterday in order to lurk outside the undergraduate classroom where Eliot Spitzer was teaching a class on political science. Some students were startled to see the felled governor at the head of the class. “I just walked in and stopped and stared at him and was like, ‘No way,’” Melissa Lynch told Peters, who wasn’t allowed to sit in. It seems the kids liked Spitzer after his first class — which he doesn’t predict will last. “It’s only the second class,” Spitzer said, during a break in the two-and-a-half-hour class. “Wait until they get their midterms back.” But the most telling reactions recorded in the article were the ones in the hallways of City College, where Spitzer wandered looking for coffee:

His presence in the halls went largely unnoticed, save for the occasional student who did a double take after spotting him. A small gaggle of students stopped and stared as he waited for an elevator. One flashed a devilish grin as she passed him in a corridor.

He’s still got it, ladies!

What’s It Like to Be in Eliot Spitzer’s Class? [NYT]

He’s still got it, ladies!

What’s It Like to Be in Eliot Spitzer’s Class? [NYT]