Coney Island Would Welcome Qaddafi and His Tent


As the sun gets lower in the sky, one question is surely troubling General Qaddafi's already-troubled mind: Where will he lay his bejeweled head tonight? So far, his first, second, and third choices of tent-pitching venues (Englewood Cliffs, Central Park, and Donald Trump's backyard) have all fallen through. But before he resigns himself to a night spent curled up at the Port Authority, he might want to try Coney Island. "Since Coney Island needs attention and needs development and since we’re circus-friendly, I for one would welcome him here," Dick D. Zigun, the unofficial mayor of Coney Island and founder of Coney Island USA, tells the Times. “Politics aside, it would bring tourists to Coney Island and that’s what we need.”

Indeed, $100,000 worth of drainage and other improvements were put in to make the site on 21st Street viable for a tent, and the Libyan leader could take advantage of those repairs to make himself and his guests comfortable. Moreover, Coney Island has been struggling to keep up its razzle-dazzle image while plans for the rebuilding of abandoned amusement sites seem perennially caught up in conflicts between city officials and developers.

Needless to say, Qaddafi has got "razzle dazzle" in spades. Dude knows how to party. Seriously. It's actually kind of a wonder folks in the West even noticed the presence of a convicted terrorist at his recent "40th anniversary of my coup" party, what with the fireworks, musical and dance performances, and air show from "aerobatic planes." And: Have you seen the man's hat collection? It is major. What do you think he needs the tent for?

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