Don’t Call It a Comeback, Spitzer’s Been Here for Years


Disgraced former governor Eliot Spitzer is mulling over whether being forced to quit his job as governor after having been exposed as an interstate prostitute addict was really the end of his political career. This should surprise no one who remembers that weird delay between the sensational story breaking and his actual resignation last year. Only someone with that special Spitzer hubris would think, even for an hour, they could stay in office after something like that. (Or that special Sanford hubris.) This morning, the Post reports that Spitzer has been mentioning to friends that he’s considering a return to public life. “He’s weighing” a comptroller run, said one friend, who was largely drowned out in the tabloid report by other friends of Spitzer, saying that obviously it would never work. Both sides are right — watching the train wreck in Albany, even we’re weighing a run for governor. But we also know that would never happen. Then again, sources say the main reason behind his recent thinking-out-loud is that his poll numbers aren’t so bad anymore. In comparison to David Paterson’s, they’re downright solid. We’re pretty sure compared with Paterson’s, our numbers would be pretty decent, too. Maybe we should give this thing another thought?

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