Economic Adviser Scolds AIG CEO for His ‘Cheekiness’


I don’t know what the new CEO [Robert Benmosche] is referring to when he’s saying the government people are ‘crazies,’” White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who is either in deep denial or has actually never seen this or this, told the Washington Post today, “but I would just caution them not to be too cheeky because, the government — the American people saved the day and they didn’t do it because they liked AIG or they thought they were really great guys who deserve hundreds of billions of dollars. I mean, they did it to prevent the economy from melting down, and I think people ought to be a little more circumspect in their pronouncements about the government.” Nice, but a little late, Goolsbee. This is nothing Bob hasn’t already told himself. [WP]