Elizabeth Edwards: Pseudonymous Blog Commenter?


Just when it seems like the John Edwards fiasco couldn’t get any sadder, Rush & Molloy report today that, according to “a source close” to Elizabeth Edwards, the scorned wife of John Edwards has been spending her time writing vicious blog comments about Rielle Hunter under the pseudonym “Cherubim.” We hope this isn’t true, because it’s a terrible waste of Mrs. Edwards’s time, but we found it odd that Rush & Molloy don’t name the blogs in question. Some simple Googling reveals that Cherubim, whoever he or she is, has been commenting about John Edwards for a long time on several blogs, and not just about Rielle Hunter (Barack Obama is also a target). The blog Jammiewearingfool has a rundown — and, after quoting from one long Cherubim rant about what a good man John Edwards is, comes to the conclusion that only Elizabeth Edwards would have said those things about him at that point in time. That reported, we still hope this story isn’t true. [Rush & Molloy/NYDN, Jammiewearingfool]