Fake New York Post Not As Fun As It Sounds


When we first heard that a "fake New York Post" had been distributed to some city newsstands this morning, we briefly imagined something hilarious, like an issue of the paper devoted entirely to crimes committed by old people. Or naked men. Or monkeys! But alas. The paper is the work of the Yes Men, the same activist group that made and distributed the fake New York Times a year ago, and this one is decidedly unfunny. From their own press release:

The "Around the World" section describes the disproportionate effects of climate change on poorer parts of the world, including extreme droughts, floods, famines, water shortages, mass migrations and conflicts ...The paper has the world's gloomiest weather page, covering the next 70 years rather than just 7 days.

"This could be, and should be, a real New York Post," said Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. "Climate change is the biggest threat civilization has ever faced, and it should be in the headlines of every paper, every day until we solve the problem."

NO. We're all for being aware of climate change. But suggesting the Post become entirely sanctimonious and no longer pay attention to funny monkey stories? That would destroy civilization in a whole other way.

Fake New York Post [Official site]
UPDATE The Post is, thank heavens, taking this thing extremely seriously.