Governor Paterson: Man of Steel?


From the "About" section of, the governor's 2010 reelection website (emphasis ours):

"Some say it is the governor's ability to rise above politics and partisanship — and his talent for bringing together people of opposing viewpoints and party affiliations — that is his truly groundbreaking achievement in Albany. Under his leadership, the state government has moved with atypical speed to address critical issues including the budget, property taxes and health care. How has he changed the culture of Albany? Some say it's the governor's force of will, some say he has a spine of steel, but being willing to negotiate belies the governor's steely reserve."

First of all, who says that? His dog, Cheerio? And second of all, he can "rise above," "break ground," "move with atypical speed," and has a "spine of steel"? Is someone trying to say that David Paterson is Superman? Because, sorry, but that's just not the superhero we think of when we imagine our cuddle gov. We'd probably go with Danger Mouse. No, no, wait: Darkwing Duck!

Governor David A. Paterson [Official site]