Qaddafi to Bunk With Family Trump?


General Muammar Qaddafi will be pitching his Bedouin tent at Seven Springs, the 213-acre estate Donald Trump owns in Bedford, New York, a nosy neighbor up there is insists to the Huffington Post. They saw people pitching a tent on the grounds with their own eyes! Quoth HuffPo:

The source who knew about the arrangement, who is a resident of Bedford, says that Qaddafi's people are already in the process of setting up a tent.

A spokesperson for the Trumps, however, vehemently denies it. So what can these conflicting stories mean? We suspect that it's one of two things: (1) The Trumps are setting up a tent on the property, but it's actually for Ivanka and Jared's wedding, or (2) the neighbor is confused, and it's actually Bedford resident Martha Stewart hosting the Libyan leader. Screw political correctness. She hears his chef has a great date-cake recipe, and she's going to have it.

Gaddafi On Donald Trump Estate? [HuffPo]