Go Be One of the Few People to Vote Today


Primary Day! It’s finally here! We know, we know — turnout is expected to be “dismal,” we suppose because everyone is saving their yearly allotment of civic duty for the sexier and “more important” general election. But that’s not really fair. Sure, Bill Thompson, expected to run away with the Democratic nomination for mayor, will still have to face Mayor Bloomberg in November. But because of the heavily Democratic makeup of New York City, the winner of today’s Democratic “primary” contest will almost certainly become the next comptroller, public advocate, and in many districts, City Council member. Today will definitely decide the next district attorney, since no Republicans are running. So if you even vaguely care about any of those positions, find your polling station here. There won’t really be any lines, so you can swing by on your lunch break. Hell, you can go on your bathroom break.

Polls Open to a Slow Start on Primary Day [City Room/NYT]