Unknown Terror Keeps Goldman Sachs Employees Silent


During the writing of his play, The Power of Yes, which is about the financial crisis, David Hare attempted to elicit information from bankers at Goldman Sachs about their craft. He was not very successful: "It’s a very strange world," the playwright told the Financial Times.

"I have never seen such an introverted group of people. When I was going round talking to bankers, I would get all these people saying things like, “I cannot talk about Goldman Sachs on the record.” And I would think to myself: “What are you scared of? What would Goldman Sachs do?” I mean, I have talked with Palestinians who were living in a situation that was a matter of life and death. But Goldman Sachs?"

Well, we suspect it has to do with the setup over in the basement at 85 Broad. Saw has nothing on the shit that goes down at the hands of Lloyd Blankfein when he's in a mood. No, just kidding, conspiracy theorists. Of course, obviously, they're just frightened for their jobs, not their lives. After all, the only thing a banker might fear worse than being dead is being poor.

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