Would-be Hawaiian Tropic Waitress Rejected for All the Wrong Reasons


Melody Morales seemed to fit the bill for a Hawaiian Tropic waitress perfectly. Giant knockers? Check. Experience serving fried food in skimpy clothing? Check: She used to work at Hooters. A deep commitment to the Hawaiian Tropic lifestyle? Check; in fact, she says it was her "dream job." But they didn't hire her, the 21-year-old is alleging in a discrimination lawsuit, because, she says, she is Puerto Rican, and has an accent. Per the Daily News:

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner on Tuesday greenlighted the discrimination lawsuit by Melody Morales, who charged that she was denied her dream job because she didn't "speak white."

Good for her. This is truly unconscionable, for Hawaiian Tropic to keep a young woman from fulfilling her life's dream because of their foolish and ignorant prejudices. We mean, if they had not hired her because of her predilection for visible lip liner, we as well as any court of law would understand that, and she clearly would not have a case against them. But this is just obviously despicable. Nakedly despicable. Unlike Melody's lips, which are coated in lip liner on the outside only which is really distracting.

Melody Morales ' too ghetto' for Hawaiian Tropic Zone? Judge will let the jury decide [NYDN]
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