How Are We Feeling About the Sex and the City Flashback Outfits?


So we don’t know for sure why Miranda, Samantha, Carrie, and Charlotte have been filming scenes dressed in (extreme) costumes from what appear to be eighties versions of themselves. But we have some hints: BlackBook’s Cayte Grieve was an extra on the set that day. She reports that the scuttlebutt among the crew members and extras is that:

• They’re filming around Bergdorf Goodman, and in eighties attire (the extras were similarly clothed), because that’s where the four ladies originally met.
• It is, indeed, a flashback and not a dream sequence (cue heavily gelled camera lenses).
• Bette Midler also makes a cameo in this portion.

Our favorite part of Grieves’s report was when Eliot Spitzer came across the set and had to be shooed away by crew members. But, moving along, what are your reactions to these outfits? Here are ours, in four words: Skanky, Preppy, Dorky, Tranny. That Patricia Fields really knows how to distill a concept!

True Lies: What I Learned on the Set of ‘Sex and the CIty 2’ [BlackBook]