If Björk Is Nearby, No One Will Notice You Are Peeing in Public


That’s what Craig Wedren, of the seminal D.C. hard-core band Shudder to Think, learned one night backintheday, when his band was playing with the Sugarcubes at New York’s late CBGB. “You know how CBGB had those little cocktail, cabaret tables? The little circular ones with the red Italian candles?” the singer tells Gothamist.

And everybody is crammed the fuck in, you definitely couldn’t get to the bathroom. And if you got to the bathroom, there was no way you were going to get your position back in front of the stage. So basically we had our position, crammed up against these little teeny tables and our bladders were totally full of Budweiser. Christian, the girl I was with, she had the bright idea to take one of these candles, stick it up her skirt, and pee in it. And I was like “Christian, you are a sneaky genius.” So I got one of these candles, unzip my fly, and fill an entire candle, and I’m not nearly done. I finish the candle, I put it on the table next to me, I grab another candle and fill that one. Three or four candles later there or however many there were around me for me to grab, I’m covered in my own pee and the tables are covered in my own pee, and still nobody noticed because Björk is standing 8 feet away from us. Through the show we’re complete soaking in our own urine. The Sugarcubes have completely rocked the house. I still have to pee, and we walk out into the cold New York night, and my jeans basically freeze to my leg. I really think that’s an only in New York story.”

Yeah. Rufus Humphrey knows what he’s talking about.

Craig Wedren, Shudder to Think [Gothamist]

Yeah. Rufus Humphrey knows what he’s talking about.

Craig Wedren, Shudder to Think [Gothamist]