Imus to Be Broadcast on Fox Business Network


We’ve never understood people who like to watch radio hosts broadcast on live TV. Have you seen what Elvis Duran looks like in real life? The exception, of course, is Howard Stern — because who doesn’t want to look at all the strippers and celebrities and the occasional tiny-penis contest? (We wish we could say NSFW, but … ) However, the Fox Business Network has decided to simulcast Don Imus’s syndicated radio show from six to nine in the morning. That will not only kill its Money for Breakfast program (Oh no! Alexis Glick!), but it will mean that a finance channel — which was created to compete with CNBC — will not air business news for almost the entire three hours leading up to the opening of trading. Instead it’ll have political analysis and off-color humor. A network that is pegging its success to comprehensive financial-service journalism and business and market coverage wouldn’t make this sort of choice, so we look forward to more style changes in the network as time goes by. You know, Yo Gabba Gabba has proven to be extremely popular in a midday slot 

Fox business TV to simulcast Don Imus radio show [Reuters via FishbowlNY/Mediabistro]