It Is Now Fashionable to Walk the Streets Drinking From Three-Pound Coconuts (No, It’s Not)


Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the “Styles” section is legitimately reporting on what they think is a trend, or baiting reasonable people with outrageous and obvious jokes. Like this story today on the “trend” of Williamsburg hipsters drinking from coconuts on the streets (only on the streets, never at home — that is literally specified) as an affectation. Anyone who’s witnessed a Williamsburger smoking a tobacco pipe on the street will know there’s no doubt this happens, and it’s probably fun the first time, but reasonable people can agree that, as a growing trend, it’s ridiculous. There isn’t even any alcohol involved! And if anyone can explain why this story ends with the quote “What’s a coconut?” we’d genuinely appreciate it, because: What? [NYT]