Ivanka Trump Continues Stonewalling the Press About Her Wedding


Last week we learned that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have chosen not to sell their wedding out to the highest bidder, and instead will try to keep the event private. The media vultures have just been “getting out of hand,” so they’ll just be releasing one photo. (It’s what Caroline Bessette did, you know. And Jennifer Aniston.) And maybe some “Page Six” items here and there. Basically, we’ll know nothing about the event, or the rings, or the dress, until after the wedding when they release that photo! It’s almost refreshing, right? Oh, except we’ve seen the engagement ring, we guess. And the tent is maybe getting set up at her dad’s house in New York as we speak. Oh, yeah, and we know she’s going to be wearing a classic custom Vera Wang gown with traditional accents and a veil. And that her hair will be styled like Grace Kelly. And that her bridesmaids are going to be wearing matching Carolina Herrera gowns with different designs but the same color and fabric.

It’s just amazing how the media pieces together these things, no matter how much you try to keep it under wraps. It’s like they can read your interviews on Brides.com or something.

Ivanka Talks About Finding the Perfect Dress [Brides.com]