Kirsten Dunst Gives Adorable Testimony in Purse-napping Case


Kirsten Dunst's every giggle and coy lower-lip bite while testifying against the man accused of stealing her purse from a hotel room two years ago was recorded by the Times' City Room blog today, and it's all very cute and readable, but what caught our eyes were the contents of said purse:

"In it were her sunglasses, American Express card, Bloomingdale’s card, Barney’s card, California driver’s license, maybe a hair brush and some lip balm, and $2,000 per diem."

A per diem that large is surely not unusual, but we think it's the easy math that makes this sentence sting. [$730,000 per year, for room service and cabs. In cash.]

A Star Turn in a Manhattan Courtroom [City Room/NYT]