Lloyd Blankfein Just Happened to Get Into Harvard


Remember how much of a pain it was applying to colleges? All of those nights you spent writing essays and cramming for the SATs, and all of those after-school hours you put in writing speeches for the debate team, and playing lacrosse, and learning to play the trombone, and doing the box step to "Seventy-Six Trombones" for the role you took as Townperson No. 4 in Music Man to appear well-rounded? For some people, getting into college is not that hard. Like Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein:

I remember when I was getting out of high school, I had no pretense as to where I would go to college. I had applied to very simple schools like Brooklyn College and state school, and I applied to a few Ivy League schools. And I got accepted to Harvard. And I was just the happiest guy around. I never expected it. I spent no time being miserable the day before, and I was just elated the day after.

Okay. First of all, Lloyd, this is not the way to get the younger generation to empathize with you. Second: Is it possible that even though he hadn't started working at Goldman Sachs yet, there was already a conspiracy afoot? Just asking!

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