Who Keeps Stealing Bernie Madoff’s Art?


A four-foot-tall sculpture with an “Aztec motif” was stolen from the yard of Bernie Madoff’s Montauk home over the weekend, news outlets are reporting. Oddly, this is the second time a piece of art has been removed from Madoff property — in December of last year, someone stole a five-foot copper artwork from the pool area around the Ponzi-schemer’s Palm Beach mansion, then mysteriously returned it several days later. Now, these incidents are probably unrelated, and whoever stole the Montauk sculpture was a drunk socialite, a regular junkie who sold it to be melted down, or a nut who couldn’t wait for the auction of Madoff’s belongings and had to have his piece of the Ponzmeister now. But we prefer to believe something more mysterious is afoot, and that the Feds will soon get a picture in the mail of Madoff’s Aztec sculpture at the Eiffel tower, or at an ashram in India.

Sculpture missing from Madoff’s NY beach home [AP]