Mayor Bloomberg Will Help You Find a Parking Spot


Mayor Bloomberg has already proposed improvements to the subway and buses, and now in a Daily News editorial, he's hoping to win over voters with some ideas on how technology could make city driving — specifically, parking — less terrible.

How would you like to use your mobile device to see a map of available parking spaces in your neighborhood — and also use it to pay your meter? Or how about getting a text message as your meter is about to expire, so you can get back to your car before getting a ticket? We're going to begin studying and testing new technology that would allow us to do all of those things.

And by the year 2040, we may have a flexible timetable for implementing them in real life! Sorry — these proposals do sound pretty great. We're just jaded about such promises coming from the city that makes cell-phone service in the subway seem like a pipe dream.

My big parking promises: Mayor Bloomberg serves up a plan for N.Y.C. drivers [NYDN]