Michael Steele Accuses President Obama of Racism


Republicans spent much of the past week crying foul over claims, made most prominently by Jimmy Carter, that racism was to blame for much of the virulent opposition to President Obama. And yet, there was the always-entertaining Michael Steele on CBSFace the Nation yesterday, claiming he was “stunned” that President Obama was targeting David Paterson, “one of only two black governors in the country.” Steele also wondered why Obama supported the also unpopular but extremely white governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine. Quite curious! We can’t speak for Obama, but maybe it’s because Corzine can’t drag down New Jersey’s senators with him, since neither are up for re-election until 2012. Or maybe it’s because there isn’t another Democrat with stratospheric popularity waiting to replace Corzine, a la Andrew Cuomo. Or because Corzine was elected. Or because Obama just has it in for Paterson after the governor passed over presidential pal Caroline Kennedy for Senate. Then again, it’s probably because Obama hates black people.

Steele Injects Race Into Obama’s Request That Paterson Not Run [TPM]