Michelle Paterson: ‘David Was Hurt. But Somewhere He Has This Steel Inside Him.’


Yesterday we urged Governor Paterson and his wife to maybe try and keep at least some of their cards to their chest, because while we respect their brutal honesty, we're just not sure it's the best for his political future. But again today we are greeted with more deep truths, this time from Michelle Paterson, who sat down with Post columnist Cindy Adams last week for lunch. First, she resurrected one of our favorite images, that of Paterson as Superman, the Man of Steel: "David was hurt," she said, regarding the moment he heard the White House wanted him to step out of next year's governor's race. "But somewhere he has this steel inside him. This nerve. This resilience. In our 17 years together, I've never seen him so he couldn't pull himself together. I don't know where that grit comes from, but I know he's always had it." Then, as Cindy explains, Michelle showed her own spine of steel:

This handsome lady talks softly but carries a big stick. "When this happened with Spitzer and the job suddenly fell to David, the first words out of his mouth were: 'I think I'll kill myself,' and I said to him: 'So then who would be governor?'"

Yeah, see, that is exactly the kind of honesty you don't need when trying to convince people that they should give you the job again.

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