Montgomery Burns Launches Mayoral Campaign


It would be one thing if a spoof mayoral campaign for Simpsons power-plant owner Montgomery Burns were just funny. After all, the one that was just launched really has some of his platforms — building a nuclear power plant on top of Williamsburg, creating tourist-only safe zones where visitors don’t have to interact with scary New Yorkers, and harvesting the organs of homeless people who refuse to get jobs — down pat. In this video, for example, passersby discuss one of his biggest proposals: selling Staten Island to New Jersey to help bridge the city’s budget gap. In another more cutting clip, an interviewer discusses the scourge of hipsters on the face of the metropolis (and lets some potentially unwitting hipsters hoist themselves by their own petard). The posters for this “campaign” are knocked off from Obama’s famous Shepard Fairey “Hope” posters, and read: “No Third Terms, Vote for Burns.” Which is where you get into the serious part of this satirical campaign — the whole not particularly amusing point. “The real cartoon character is Michael Bloomberg, who thinks he can just change the rules around and run for a third time,” a “spokesman” told “We want all New Yorkers — eligible or not — to vote for Monty Burns. We want all New Yorkers to vote at least once for his candidacy.” See, that’s the problem. Monty Burns may be many things — evil, potentially murderous, puppy-hating — but he’s not strident. We’ve got enough of that from the other third-party candidates, thank you.

Monty Burns for Mayor [Official site]