Morning Joe Defends ‘Mommy’ Brzezinski Against Glenn Beck


Has anyone noticed that this fellow Glenn Beck is quite the firebrand? The latest target of his unnecessarily hyperbolic outbursts is Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski. On yesterday’s show, Brzezinski opined that Beck “is tapping into something that may not be so constructive in terms of raising the bar of the conversation and representing the conservative voice in an elegant way,” which seems pretty generous to us. But later on his radio show, Beck, apparently trying to prove her right, told her, after a few minutes of mockery, “Shut the hell up. Shut the hell up.” Well, the boys over at Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist, did not care for that one whit. Their often-biting defense of the woman they creepily refer to as “mommy” includes a threat to meet Beck in the parking lot, a suggestion that Beck could consume many doughnuts, mockery of Beck’s formerly poor ratings on CNN Headline News, and boasting that the Scarborough-Brzezinski radio show beats Beck’s radio show in the only city where they compete, New York. We bet this burgeoning feud will be horrible for the viewership of all involved.