Najibullah Zazi Charged With Conspiracy to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction


A federal grand jury in New York today indicted terror suspect Najibullah Zazi — an Afghan-born Colorado man whose recent trip to the city sparked a series of nationwide terror alerts — with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. The single charge read, according to the Journal, that he specifically hoped to use “explosive bombs and other similar explosive devices against persons and property within the United States.” Zazi, who lived for a long time in Queens, and was busted with bomb-making guides on his computer, is also expected in court today in Denver on charges of lying to authorities. He is said to have attended a terror training camp in Pakistan, and today for the first time authorities say he was not alone when he traveled overseas to train with Al Qaeda. They are monitoring other suspects who are said to have gone with him. Zazi is expected to be held without bail.

U.S. Charges Najibullah Zazi With Bomb Conspiracy [WSJ]