New York Getting Tired of Being Treated Like Obama’s Fiefdom


A few months ago, the Obama administration threw its weight around to clear a path for appointed senator Kirsten Gillibrand — first convincing Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer not to run, then muscling out Congressman Steve Israel. And as the world now knows, in the past week the White House has pressured Governor Paterson to drop his ambitions for another term and cede the stage to Andrew Cuomo. This meddling, according to a new Marist poll, isn’t sitting well with New Yorkers. Of registered serfs voters across the political spectrum, 62 percent say that Obama should stay out of the governor’s race. Look Obama, we know we’ve demonstrated only a casual interest in voting in our primaries, but that’s not an invitation for you to personally dictate who our candidates will be. That’s the job of 11 percent of our registered voters, thank you very much.

9/24: NY Voters to Obama, “Mind Your Business” [Marist]