Wacky Old-People Hobbies All Totally Validated


Here's who's winning the recession: wacky old folks. Coupon-clipping old biddies were the butt of jokes for years, and now that's totally "in vogue," according to the Times, which does not know that "in vogue" is no longer in vogue as a turn of phrase. Stuffing a mattress with cash proved to be a much sounder investment plan for some people than getting in with an investment fund that promised good, steady returns. And eccentric old dudes everywhere should bow down to Terry , the 55-year-old Brit who just found a major cache of Anglo-Saxon gold, proving that walking around with a metal detector is not a daffy thing to do!

"People laugh at metal detectorists," Herbert said Thursday at a news conference at the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, where the objects will go on display on Friday for two weeks. "I've had people go past and go, 'Beep, beep, he's after pennies.' Well, no, we're out there to find this kind of stuff, and it is out there."

Ha-ha, yeah, 'Beep, beep,' IN YOUR FACE, suckers. If anyone needs us, we will be digging out our old stash of stamps for the Eight O' Clock coffee rewards program and trying to find a game of Bingo in the area.

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