Please Buy This Calendar of the Only People in the Hamptons You Might Not Normally See Naked


There are a lot of people you might casually see naked in the Hamptons. If you have a share house, all of your roommates and their conquests, for example. If you are at the beach in Montauk at the right time, you might catch 300 nude people posing for a photograph. If you are Ron Baron, you might even have to hire guards so that you could stop having to see so many bare dudes in the dunes. Heck, last summer if you were in a pool with underwater speakers in Wainscott, you may have even seen one of your Daily Intel editors playing naked Marco Polo. Generally, the only people you probably won’t see are the actual society ladies of the East End (and we don’t mean Tinsley Mortimer and Kelly Killoren Bensimon, because, please). That is why we think you should go out and buy this calendar of said stately matrons posing in the nude to benefit the Southampton Historical Museum: because it’s refreshing. And if nothing else, they have a sense of humor. The calendar is titled: “Historic Figures of Southampton.”

Hamptonites Strip to Save Historic Sites [NYDN]