Recession Helping Young Couples Prepare for the Relentless Penury of Marriage


The Times caught up with some young New York couples who have been cutting back on their dating expenses owing to the recession — renting Netflix instead of going to the movies and cooking at home and whatnot. Not only does behavior like this help them save money, one couple, Maurice Watkins, 35, and Terry Glanville, 32, told the paper, but they feel it's helping prepare them for the Next Step. Maurice, especially:

“We have talked about our future and talked about marriage,” Mr. Watkins said. “This time actually builds a foundation for the mentality necessary to get married.”

Ha, that's right, Maurice! Best to wean yourself off of fun now! Because that's exactly what marriage is like: a recession. One loooong recession that never ends. Ever. Good luck, you crazy kids!

Dating When the A.T.M. Warns Against It [City Room/NYT]