Republicans Pick Elderly-Killing Birther for Obama Speech Rebuttal


Louisiana’s Charles Boustany, the little-known congressman set to deliver the GOP reply to President Obama’s highly anticipated health-care speech tonight, is an interesting choice for a couple of reasons. For one, he’s a co-sponsor of legislation proposing so-called “death panels,” which many in his own party spent the past month grandstanding against to great effect. He also once expressed, then later retracted, skepticism on Obama’s natural-born-citizen credentials. The GOP rebuttal is a tough role following an orator like Obama, but regardless of how he performs, Boustany is destined to be more successful (though less entertaining) than his Bayou State counterpart Bobby Jindal. Which also begs the question: What does the Republican Party have against Louisiana?

GOP Picks One-Time “Birther” To Rebut Obama’s Health Care Speech [UPDATED] [HuffPo]