Bob Benmosche Had a Long Talk With Bob Benmosche About His Mouth


"Many employees" at AIG, "along with people outside the company" (including us), have found new CEO Bob Benmosche's frank comments about the intelligence of Congress and his desire to knee Andrew Cuomo where it hurts to be kind of awesome and wholly justified. But The Wall Street Journal suspects AIG's board might not be as comfortable with his pokes at the people who hold the purse strings, and wonders today if they're planning on telling Benmosche to watch the Mouth, which is also, apparently, prone to "frequent use of four-letter curses." No need, a chagrined Benmosche tells the paper. Bob has already addressed the problem with Bob.

"It would be appropriate if they said it," said Mr. Benmosche, 65 years old, in an interview Wednesday. "But the board doesn't have to tell me that. I've already told it to myself."

While we're disappointed that Bob is going to be hiding his light from now on, we do think these little talks with himself seem like a good solution, at least for the time being. After all, when you're talking to yourself, you can use all the four-letter words you want.

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