Security Footage of Monserrate and Girlfriend Shown in Court


After yesterday’s disbelief-suspending explanation in court by the defense of why State Senator Hiram Monserrate ended up slashing his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, in the face with a broken glass (basically, it was an accident — he was just trying to sweetly bring her a glass of water), the courtroom was shown security footage that seemed to undermine that story. In it, you first see Monserrate angrily throwing a Police Benevolence Association card (which prosecutors say sparked his jealous rage after he found it in her purse) in the trash. Giraldo rushes to try to retrieve it, shoving him aside. In the next clip, you can see Giraldo fleeing the apartment — holding a bloody towel to her face — and trying to ring a neighbor’s doorbell. Monserrate catches her and drags her away, eventually out the front door of the building and down the street. In closer camera angles, she appears to be howling in anguish and fear. Monserrate’s team claims he was only trying to get her to the hospital as soon as possible. Here’s the video — what do you think?