Serena Boardman, Broker to the Fallen Stars


Social Sotheby’s saleswoman Serena Boardman is not only the top real-estate broker in the U.S., she might be the top liquidator of property belonging to disgraced financiers. In charge of marketing accused Ponzi-schemer Larry Salander’s East 71st Street mansion, she recently sold the Tribeca brownstone belonging to Marisa Noel — daughter of Walter Noel, whose Fairfield Greenwich hedge fund lost $7 billion to Bernie Madoff — and is now attempting to unload the mother of Ponzi properties: Bernie Madoff’s Manhattan penthouse. According to New York Social Diary’s David Patrick Columbia, the descendant of Citibank founder George Baker and sister-in-law of Aby Rosen owes her success as much to her social connections as to her business acumen. “When she gets an apartment or house to sell, she already knows people who might be interested in it,” he tells Bloomberg. “She’s been a very social girl all her life, in that kind of frou frou way.” That sounds kind of bitchy, but we’re sure he means it in a good way. After all, it’s going to take a lot of froufrou to overcome the bad juju at that place — not to mention all that beige.

Madoff Broker Boardman Brings Social Register Allure [Bloomberg]
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