Someone in the Bronx Is Doing Something Untoward With Goats


Earlier this summer, two goats were found stumbling along the Hutchinson River Parkway in the Bronx. Now a third goat has been found in the area.

The goat, a brown male Nubian believed to be about a month old, was suffering from a severe case of pneumonia when it was discovered on Tuesday wandering the grounds of a nursing home near where the parkway intersects with Interstate 95.

When asked where he came from and from whom he had escaped, the goat only managed to baaa in an indecipherable Russian or Eastern European accent. He has since been sent to a farm where he is recovering, but Arthur Sulzberger Jr., in his somewhat humiliating role as the Times chief animal correspondent, is on the case!

“It looks like the Hutchinson River Parkway has become something of an underground railroad for goats looking to escape New York City’s live markets with their lives."

Sounds like this is a case that requires ... the Law & Order noise!

Another Runaway Goat in the Bronx [City Room/NYT]