Updated: Escaped Con in Three-Piece Suit Crashes Astor Trial, Runs Free


The most excitement expected at Manhattan Supreme Court this morning was another interminable day of soul-sucking testimony about how society maven Brooke Astor's octogenarian son Anthony Marshall and his wife, Charlene, had tricked his mother into leaving her his fortune. But then! Ronald Tackman intervened. A career stickup man, Tackman was awaiting trial for five hold-ups at various Manhattan stores when he somehow managed to make his way toward an area where prisoners were being held. There, a court officer, after appraising Tackman's snazzy three-piece suit, mistook him for a lawyer, according to the Daily News.

"Counselor, what are you doing here?" the officer asked

Tackman then meandered into the courtroom where the Astor trial was being held, and apparently freaked out, "screaming about nuclear bombs," according to the Post, which also reports that

Charlene Marshall snarled at him.

It's unclear what happened next, except that apparently even the dreaded Marshall snarl failed to stop Tackman. The Astors fled back to their car, and he was on the move. Security footage caught him leaving the courtroom, and he is still at large. "I don't know where he is, but he's a very intelligent man," his lawyer told the Daily News.

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