Oddly, Republicans Are Most Enthusiastic About Spitzer Return


SurveyUSA has quickly sprung into action to poll New Yorkers on the probably totally made-up speculation that sock enthusiast Eliot Spitzer may soon attempt a return to statewide office. And based on the results, his prospects could be much worse, despite the fact that 33 percent of New Yorkers said they harbor “absolutely no respect” for him. An especially devoted contingent, 15 percent of the population, has already decided to vote for him no matter what — and, strangely enough, that number includes a higher percentage of Republicans than either Democrats or independents. Meanwhile, another 47 percent of respondents are at least keeping an open mind, depending on what office Spitzer is running for and who he’s running against. So maybe comptroller — a job nobody cares about and that attracts candidates nobody is familiar with — is Spitzer’s best shot.

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