Celebrity Psychic Azra Shafi-Schelierini Jailed


She was Jason Giambi’s confidant. Derek Jeter calls her the Wiz. Other ballplayers and athletes rely on her for spiritual advice. But recently, it has been difficult to reach Azra Shafi-Scagliari. According to the Department of Corrections, the woman that former Mets pitcher Ron Darling called “Nostradamus with a better body” is due in Nassau County court on Monday for a drunk-driving charge. When she’s done out on Long Island, she’ll come back to the city to finish serving out a few months’ sentence on Riker’s Island for grand larceny. A former model, she also goes by the last name Shafi-Schelierini, which is how her sports clients know her. Court records show that she was arrested in July for stealing “property” from Signature Bank, and was scheduled to be released in October. Calls to the D.A.’s office about the case and her lawyers were not returned. Corrections spokesman Steven Morello was unclear how much or what was actually stolen at the bank. “As we like to say, We don’t catch ‘em, we just keep ’em.”

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